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Like a lot of girls like me I've started stripping in different local clubs. It was easy money at the beginning but I have to say that it now is a real passion. Dancing and stripping every night for dozens of men is an incredible experience. You can feel so much heat and desire in their eyes that pleasure spreads all over your own body. You should see how excited I am when I get out of stage...


The best thing about San Diego is the mixture of cultures you have in the same place. For someone like me who loves men, any kind of men, the place is just like the right place to be on earth. Hills, Pacific Ocean, beaches where I meet so many people and especially guys who usually become my lovers for one night, one week or even more if they're not too jealous... 'Cause I need adventure and to offer my delicious body to every good looking dude who wants me!!


If you've never been to Africa, come first to Ivory Coast. Here, you will find everything you need: beautiful and sunny beaches but also some of the sexiest and welcoming chicks of Africa. Doubt it? Well, watch closely my animations and videos and I bet you'll be in the next plane to the city of Light: Abidjan. I'm waiting for you !


Hello all you horny members of VirtuaGirl! My name's Candy, and I'm here to brighten up your day! You can lick me all day because I am, as they say, as sweet as Candy! If you guys like young looking blondes with fit bodies then I'm the girl for you! I promise not to be good, but to be really really bad! Hope you enjoy my animations, photos and videos, big kiss to you all!


I guess you're just like any horny male. You just like it spicy! Just like me! That's why I'm so happy to live in Mexico! I'm absolutely sure that the weather has something to do with people's temper. They're always ready for a lusty lie down...Men over here just love women and know exactly what they have to do to satisfy them. And believe me, we're very demanding. So if you think that you can do better, you're more than welcome...

Carla Nova

When I was young, I just could not wait to grow up and begin my life of seductive woman... At 12, I was running in shops, organizing fashion shows with my girl friends, making myself up. At 4, I begun ballet dancing and I can tell you it sculpted my body!!! I think nothing's most beautiful than a woman doing her best to please men's glance...


Like most Californians I take good care of my body and go for a run each morning on the beach. Being fit and sexy is the most important thing to me. Not only because of my modeling but also because I love to see desire in your eyes and envy in your girlfriends'...


Heard about Vancouver? In between mountains and Pacific, one of the most beautiful place in Canada. Like me, people over there are an incredible mixture of cultures. Like my father, and most Argentineans, I'm proud and jealous. But I'm just like my Spanish mother when I become very natural! I'm keen on simple pleasures: sunbathing naked on the beach, sipping wine under a starry sky with a sexy and muscular dude.

Carol G

Hello boys! I'm a bit more used to perform on a club stage but I must admit I was quite excited with the idea of stripping on your toolbar... I hope you'll be able to guess what part of my body has the most benefited from years of ballet dancing... Let me guide to a sensual world.

Carol G Take2

Hi again! I've been told you liked my performance :-P... or was it my body, hmm ? I wonder what part of it...... Ok ok, I came back then for an intense day of shooting! I can tell you I gave the best of myself and the video team seemed very happy with my performance :-P The video director said I drove him crazy :-P

Carol G Take3

I came back to Paris again, special guest of the famous Pink Paradise club! You can imagine how proud I felt ! I gave the team a call and spent another day performing here just for my pleasure... and yours I hope! Download me )


Our winters are so cold that when you're a fragile girl like me you need to find strong arms that will protet you from the cold. I have to say that i'm very lucky 'cause it's very easy for me to find someone that will take care of me... especially when I show what i have to offer!!


Every night in the bar where I work, I get totally naked for a bunch of excited men who are not allowed to touch me! I have to admit that I find it really fustrating and that sometimes I feel like jumping on those guys to offer them my burning body. I guess you all see what I mean!! Though, it's true that it can also be really horny to only dream about such things, imagine or pretend that you're making love to several dudes at ther same time...

Charlie Laine

I started modeling and dancing at a young age and have done alot of different types of shows and won many awards. When I turned 18, i decided to try out nude modeling, I figured, why not try it out and see where it can go. You can see me in Penthouse, the September 2003 issue of HUSTLER and many other magazines. I hope you guys are going to like my animations, photos and videos. The guys from Virtuagirl took real good care of me during the shoot, they're real gentlemen, thanks guys!

Charlie Style

Wondering why I chose that name? Well, as a former boyfriend used to say, I do everything with style, especially when it involves men. When I'm with a man the first thing I want is to make him feel comfortable and desired... and believe me, I'm not pretending, I'm just a love maniac. That's why I like to strip for horny guys like you. It makes the next step even more exciting....


Hi boys! So, you like american girls? We know what men want! I don't know how many guys I conquered in college but I don't think they'll forget me too easily. Now I've finished my studies I'm gonna travel around the world, to broaden my horizons and my sexy adventures..


I was born near the famous town of Broken Arrow in Oklahoma, from an Indian farther and Greek mother, and was raised on a ranch. I quickly got used to the rough manners of all those strong cowboys surrounding me. And believe me, it happened to be a great experience for me. That's why today all the guys I deal with call me ' the iron fist in the velvet glove '. Like when I'm riding horses, I love to be straight and severe with all my lovers.


The great majority of tourists, who are hastily visiting Venice, think that all boats in the canals are gondole. On the contrary there is many different boats... just like there can be many different women in a single one. But I'm sure you'll take all your time to discover me.


Hello buddies...Why VirtuaGirl ? My life was so tasteless before that I can't imagine now doing anything else; Beaches, night clubs, staying in bed till noon... and the same things repeated all over again. One day, I felt that I had to do something. After a few clumsy tries, I met Bunny Luv, and she involved me in the VirtuaGirl Process. I've never been happier!! So the most important thing I've discovered is that we are all here for the same purpose.

Chloe B

Hi, this is Chloe B ! I'm from the south of France - A couple of years ago, I was on the Cote d'Azur and there was a photo shoot in a little creek; the photographer proposed me to give it a try and honestly, I loved it !! I never not stop modelling since !!

Christine Young

Living in Canada is great fun! I'm a girl who needs open space and great nightlife. I have to admit here in Montreal we have some great clubs for really letting go! I have a big appetite for sexy guys and I really know what I want, so watch out boys, Christine is on the prowl!


I'm from Copenhagen, the beautiful capital city of Denmark. I like real men, like my Viking ancestors, men who are a bit rough and ready! You have to be big and strong and be able to take me by surprise in bed. I love being shown who is the boss!


Hello my dirty little piggies! Do you know what my farther used to say about New Zealand women ? 'Sin on earth but any man's dream!'

Cindy Lopes

Hi Guys! Happy to strip for you!This passion first came from one of my boy friend who used to ask me to strip naked just for him before joining him into bed - this guy was mad about my tits! At least he taught me how to spice the atmosphere... want to see ?


The Columbian Jungle is for sure one of the most dangerous place on earth but if you've got the guts to cross it, you'll be one of the happy fews...yeah, 'cause here we're quite a big bunch of lonely chicks who spend most of their time waiting for their men. So, if they haven't been around for a long time you might be the Jackpot winner! May be not the first one but, so far, no one's complain... So come over!!

Cleo Banks

When a kid I could make people change their mind just by looking at them. My mother used to say that, in the Middle Ages, people would have considered me as a witch. Now that I'm an adult I still can make males do whatever I want them to. I have my secret weapon... my body. None of them can resist and all of them think that if they're nice to me I will let them play with me. In fact, if they are really nice, I do!

Crissy Moran

Do you really need me to introduce myself ? I guess no ... This shooting session has been a real breath of fresh air for me! What I really appreciated is that they took their time to make sure I was feeling comfortable and all they asked me to is to let me invade by my natural sensuality & express the pleasure to be a woman...


Hello boys! I'm a city girl from the big apple, that's right straight out of New York City! I'm half Irish, half Hungarian which makes for an interesting mix of you ask me. My Irish father gave me his firey side which makes me a hot lover and my mother gave me her beautiful natural looks. I have to say I owe them a lot. So I hear you guys like strippers eh? Well, guess what, you boys are in for a real treat because I'm in the mood for really letting myself go and I mean really letting it all go!