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The night belongs to girls like me. We wander around in the glorious darkness, roam in the streets while men close the curtains and go to sleep. We bring them the sand to build up the castles of their dreams. Men are always running after women. If we sometime stop, it's for them to catch up!!

Jade Hsu

Hi this is Jade, I'm very happy to have the chance to come & strip on your computer desktop... I think it is a fantastic concept... I did my best to offer you a super hot performance, I hope you'll enjoy!


I love men so much that I've never been able to make up my mind. That's why I've always had several boy friends at the same time. Blonde, black, tall, muscular or whatever ! I just can't choose. The more guys I can have the happier I am. That's why I 'm planning to move to a place where I can find guys from all sorts of countries. I already have an idea but if you think your place could do it, feel free to contact me ! I'll be happy to put you first on my list...

Jana M

Hey guys! I hope you like blonde babes because you have one right here waiting for you! And believe me she is one hot piece of ass! I like talking dirty about myself because I know that turns on so many guys! And to tell you a secret it really turns me on too. So many girls are shy about their sexuality even if they're really horny in bed. Not me, I like being open about the fact that I enjoy sex and find myself attractive, I have it so I flaunt it!


I'm just a shy girl from Miami, Florida. Although I do like going out and dacing in clubs downtown with my girlfriends. We meet some crazy guys in Miami, real playboys, but I know how to handle them! I think you guys are gonna like my animations, pics and videos, I really put a lot of love into them!


I have to admit that I'm not what you'd call a hard worker. My favourite hobby is to lie down naked on the beach. In fact, I'm one of the luckiest person round the place since I've met my new boyfriend who's got a house on one of the trendiest Floridean beach. He is handsome, rich and, believe it or not very open minded...just like me. That's why we share so many things, even boyfriends and girlfriends we have. Life's so exciting!


Hi all! Oh I had a wonderful day playing with the camera, slowing unveiling my body and choosing clothes that best suit me... I'm a little model from Belgium and all begun for me because of my eyes............. discover me and give me a good rate !


What I really enjoyed when I was at Highshool was Parties with all my buddies, all trying to drive me back home. The biggest problem for me was to choose!! That's why I've soon decided not to choose and to say yes to every man I find attractive...even if he has to share with a couple of others!!!

Jennifer Dark

Hey guys, it's such good fun to strip for you all here at VirtuaGirl2. I really wanna impress you with my beautiful young body. I know you guys like fit girls, no? Back home in Vienna I strip in the most expensive club called 'Charlie's Angels' , Charlie treats us real good.

Jennifer Max

Jennifer came to strip in our studios as if we were old friends... We had a lot of fun and I think she really enjoyed unveiling her pulp skin in front of our cameras... She has this natural talent that only some women have to drive you crazy simply by slowly let slide a bra sling! Enjoy!


Crossing streets over hanged by 15 stores buildings. Drivers horning, roaming and driving like ferocious carnivores. Screams, footsteps, people scrambling out of the subway, dogs barking at you, skaters sliding around. Big cities have a huge influence on me. I feel hypnotized but lonely. Freedom surrounded by high walls. Please, free me!!


Jessica is among the best friends of Adriana M. She told us they go together almost every week at the Lavka Club in Prague and gogo dance all night... Too bad we don't have pics of that, but I'm sure you're going to enjoy her on your desktop.

Jessica Fiorentino

Jessica had the kindness to dedicate one full day to us! And I think she really appreciated it. We had a lot of fun and here is what she said before leaving : 'you've been angels with me! All I had to do is express my sensualism and tenderness - thanks for the wonderful day' - A real woman!


Here in Brazil, people love to party, enjoy their lives or simply to dance with a good looking partner...Here, dance is a kind of religion in which everybody believes, even me... In fact, while dancing, you can experience so many exciting things, meet all kinds of people and even love. Dance is the most sexy stuff I know. You can't imagine how exciting it is for me to feel the heat of a strong man holding me in his strong hands...


Joanna lives in Brno (Czech republic) and started modeling very very recently. When she came to our studio, it was the second time she went nude in front of a camera. I'm sure you'll feel that freshness on your desktop...


I grew up in Denver, Colorado. It's a beautiful city with the Rocky Mountains all around. I love the fresh air of the mountains and I often go walking in them. My ideal guy is a Colorado lumberjack. They're always rough and tough, just the way I like it in bed too! Anyway, I think you're gonna like my stripteases, they're very special to me..


Hi guys, Jona from Germany! I hope you boys will be nice to me. Do you guys like blonde girls with big breasts like mine? They are 100% natural and you can touch them to see if I'm telling the truth, well touch them from the screen for the moment. I come from a small town in Germany where life is simple and guys are hard to find. I moved to Munich, a much bigger city a few years ago and now I meet lots of guys! LIfe is great and I'm feeling good!


When I was a child, I used to be so shy that my parents where really worried about it. That's why they decided to send me to a Girl School in the Swiss Alps. And I have to admit that it was the best present they ever did to me! In fact, that's where I've learned everything about love, specially physical love, first with my girlfriends and quickly with the guys from the village. Life over there was incredible and so exciting!!


Ola guys! What's up! I've always love to speak english and I'd love to travel round the States one day. But first I have to find the money for that. That's why I'm currently working real hard as a waitress in restaurant here in Mexico. But one day... I guess that it won't be that difficult to find somewhere to stay, especially if some of you guys have room for me!! You'll see that I'm really easy...


If I say 'Switzerland' what immediately comes to your mind? I know: banks or money! It's really a shame 'cause there are incredible things to discover in my country and especially in my hometown situated in the middle of the Alps, on the banks of the Leman Lake. It's true that there are loads of bankers but you'd be surprised to discover that there are even more good looking chicks like me. And let me tell you that they're really greedy ones!

Judith Fox

Know what people always ask me? They all wanna know if I like being a pornstar, if I enjoy having various partners in front of a camera. I always answer YES because I really do enjoy making love as often as possible. And I know that a lot of chicks are real jealous and would do anything to play those lustful games with the strong males I make love with. But, the movies are not enough to me. That's why I keep on going to private clubs to fully fulfil my deep fantasies!!


Hi out there!! Since my birth, I've always dreamt of being an actress. Men would have cried, done anything to be with me. When I grew up, the idea kept on obsessing me each I was at the movies. As soon as I entered the VirtuaGirl strip club, I immediately knew that my revenge was there. Now, my friends call me 'the merciless fury' ...Have an idea why??


You know what my favourite game is? Well, knowing that I live in Santa Monica, CA , next to the beach, you should guess... exactly honey! I love to walk on the beach in my tiny bikini, feeling the looks of all those horny males lying on the sand and watching my pink G-string. They know that even if very little is hidden, a lot is still to be discovered...if they come to me...just like you guys!